Digital Photo & Videography Classes

This lively, fun, and informative beginners Digital Photography course is designed for people who would like to take up professional photography as their hobby/career and will find inspiration and lessons to help learn and create amazing photographs with a digital camera, tablet, or Phone.

Classes take place in small groups. Teaching is hands-on, aims at favoring learning by experience and regular practice.The students are taught by a team of highly qualified teachers, each a specialist in their domain. The premises are equipped with the latest equipment.


Participants upon successful completion of the course will receive ‘Accredited Digital Photographer’ certification from the FabTutor Academy!

Key Topics Covered

  • Photography Fundamentals
  • Camera Essentials, varieties and usage
  • Zooms and Angles
  • Resolution, Exposure and lighting
  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Exploring Supplemental Resources for Photo/Videography
  • Photography - An expression of emotions & Feelings


  • 1 Month (6 classes)